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Conservatory and Brick Porch Designs for Houses in Sussex

Front Porch Sussex

Front Porch Sussex

Create a style statement and a faultless first impression of your home with a front porch that complements it perfectly.

Whether your home is modern, or built in the style of a bygone era, Coastline Windows can work with you to create an entrance that is just right.

Many busy families love having a front porch to store outdoor clothes, boots and shoes, bags and umbrellas neatly so that every member of the household knows JUST where to find them. This extra space by your entrance door will come in handy!

In poor weather a high quality front porch can prevent rain, snow, ice and mud being trodden through into the rest of the house. It also provides cover if you need to talk to callers and delivery people on the doorstep. A front porch also helps with energy efficiency - to keep the rest of your home free from draughts.

We highly recommend installing sockets in the front porch to allow you to plug in lamps, or you may prefer a light in the ceiling operated by a switch on the wall.

A simple front porch can be constructed from uPVC windows and uPVC corner posts. It can be glazed to the ground, or have panels from the floor upwards which have the advantage of hiding mail that is delivered through the letterbox when no-one is at home.

Coastline are a local, family run business who can advise you on the front porch designs that best suit your home because of our years of experience in the industry. You can have peace of mind knowing we have the highest standards and don't deliver less than perfection with a high level of attention to detail. Brick porches can suit most style of homes, and uPVC porches mean minimal maintenance and no expensive, time-consuming re-painting or word preserving.

We have also supplied conservatories, double glazing, windows and doors to homes in Sussexand the surrounding areas for years and we are confident that we can deliver the best in customer service as we install top quality home improvements for you.