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uPVC Soffits and Fascias in East Sussex

Fascias East Sussex

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

Fascias are needed to cover and protect the ends of the rafters of a roof which can be vulnerable to rot and fungus.

Costly and lengthy repairs are often needed if the fascias have deteriorated or rotted away.

Modern, low-maintenance fascias, which Coastline Windows can install for you, will give the outside of your home an attractive appearance without any unsightly holes or gaps.

We use a co-extruded cellular construction fascia board which has a high impact UV stabilised skin welded to the face of the board.

Once your old fascias and soffits have been removed our expert, qualified installers will treat all the timbers which are exposed with a top-quality wood preservative. This will ensure that underneath your new fascias and soffits the roof rafters stay sound and safe.

If we find that your existing rafters show signs of rot or other damage – we will give you all the information about what we have found and repair the timbers for you at an additional nominal charge for the extra materials and labour required to ensure that the rafters are repaired to a high standard. We would never conceal any problems as they need tackling to ensure that you have no major problems in the future.

Our standard method of fixing fascias is with ‘Poly Pins’ made from a strong stainless steel shaft with a uPVC head. These specially-designed fixings are neat and cannot rust or cause unsightly rust stains. Sometimes where a screw fixing is required, stainless steel screws will be used with uPVC caps.

You can also speak to Coastline to find out how new guttering and cladding can also improve the external appearance of your home. Just get in touch for your free, no-obligation quote.