brick porch
Conservatory and Brick Porch Designs for Houses in Sussex

Brick Porches

Brick Porches

A Brick Porch can add a touch of grandeur and style to your home – and Coastline can create one to the style you want.

Our brick porches will include Coastline’s top-quality windows and a door designed to enhance your home and add value as well as creating practical extra space.

Security remains a top priority and you can rely on the state-of-the-art safety measures in both the windows and the new door in your brick porch.

A 10-point locking system is the standard in our doors. All Coastline doors also go through painstaking testing to ensure they meet scrupulous BSI standards for strength, security and resistance to all weathers.

External brickwork in your new Coastline porch can be standard bricks, or rendered brick – which is when the bricks are covered in plaster and can then be painted to compliment the rest of your home./front-porch/

You may choose to have brickwork that goes part of the way up the walls of the front porch. Many home owners think this is a useful security measure as when post is delivered while they are on holiday it remains hidden from view and does not advertise that no-one is at home.

Top energy rated windows from Coastline will ensure that your new brick porch stays warm and draught-free.

All the double glazing sealed units we supply are made to the highest standards by Glassline, whose Sussex factory has achieved the ISO 9000 standard in recognition of its quality assurance processes.

Our 10-year guarantee gives you added peace of mind, but you can also take up our windows and doors MOT which is an easy way to protect your investment in home improvements such as new brick porches.