Bifold Door System Brighton
We provide and install beautiful, impactful bifold doors which will create an exquisite look to your home.

Bifold Doors Brighton

Stunning Bifold Doors in Brighton

Easily create a beautiful new look to your home with bifold doors. Bifold doors offer an excellent solution to beautify your living space without an extortionate cost. They give you the ability to open up an entire wall of your house, letting you bring the outside in, and extending your activities into the garden. We all know that getting closer to nature, natural light and spending more time outside are important things, so installing a bifolding door provides you with an affordable and visually pleasing way to do that.

Bifolding doors have many benefits including the fact that you can upgrade many windows or doors including your kitchen, conservatory, orangery or even balcony to a bifold door. At Coastline Windows, we can provide completely customised bifold doors, which are made in the UK and created by Liniar.

A Great Range of Bifold Doors

There is a huge choice of colour and design combinations, as well as many different kinds of constructions of bifold doors, including aluminium. We supply high quality Liniar doors, which give you incredible energy efficiency and resilience, allowing you to adorn your home with a premium enhancement.

Being energy efficient is incredibly important, now more than ever and ensuring that you have energy efficient doors can make a considerable difference. The Liniar bifold doors are significantly more thermally efficient than their competitors and the doors are lead free, giving you an all-round more beneficial option for your home.

Bifolding Door System in Brighton
Beautiful Bifolding Doors Brighton

A Better Designed Door

The Liniar bifold doors are an excellent option for creating more space when the weather is warm, which is something most of us will thoroughly enjoy. The doors have been meticulously tested to ensure that they reach the right benchmarks for weather resistance and that they can endure the rigorous use that comes from day to day life. Other benefits of the outstanding PVCu build include:

  • Smooth action for opening and closing
  • Excellent thermal efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Many options available, so you have the ideal choice for your home design

Liniar Bifolding Door Systems

These doors are a great solution for fitting into the space that you have. Regardless as to whether you have large or small availability, there will be a Liniar door that can be fitted in. The Liniar doors come in a huge array of colours and a variety of door panes, from two to seven door panes. The doors have narrow sight-lines so look streamlined and smart. The standard bifold door system has many different design possibilities and the ModLokTM offers and even larger selection and can also provide you with wider door designs.

Functional Designs

One of the many benefits of the Liniar bifold doors is that they need minimal maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about upkeep. The doors boast a 10 year guarantee, so you’ll also know that they are built to last. The doors are built well and you won’t need to treat them, they only require an occasional wipe down with soapy water, to keep them looking good. The doors’ threshold is a tiny 24mm at their maximum height, so they are perfect for your family house. The doors also have a bolt locking system which which has been created to keep the door locked firmly in place. There are anti-lift benefits, anti-bump cylinders and optional anti-snap cylinders, so you really can be confident that safety is assured.

The bifold doors we use benefit from a patented roller device, allowing the doors to have an extremely sleek gliding mechanism. Magnets secure the doors when they are folded back and ergonomically shaped handles allow easy use of the doors themselves. Additionally the ModLokTM range has the extra feature of the master door always opening first, which helps avoid issues or accidents.

We have more than 25 years’ experience with doors, windows, conservatories and porches and our expert team install everything expertly and extremely competently. Our skills are reflected by our Checkatrade reviews, so you can have peace of mind that all our clients have an outstanding experience. If you would like a FREE quote and home visit, please contact us now.

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